Man Swallows Own Saliva, Doesn’t Die.

Idaho Falls, ID- A local man, who spoke to The Facebow on the condition of anonymity, admits that he did actually swallow his own saliva during a recent dental appointment and lived to tell about it.

“I’d always thought that when my spit hit the back of my throat my only hope for survival was to have the dentist’s nurse (see related story) suction it out.” The man went on to detail past brushes with death when he’d have to point to his mouth in a panic (which is the universal sign for suction) while his saliva pooled up. Said the man, “I always thought I was going to get sick if I swallowed it or drown.”  

So what made this heroic patient tempt fate? “In the past, my dentist had told me that it was only my own spit and some water, which are safe to swallow. I never thought that could be true, but during my last appointment I decided to be brave and see what happened.” And what happened was a true breakthrough. “I don’t want any praise for this. I just want other people to use my story as motivation to swallow their own spit.”

Apparently not all heroes wear capes. Some wear dental bibs.


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