After Placing Crown, Dentist Reports Being Able To Pay For Child’s College Tuition In Full.

Richmond, VA-  Dr. Kelly Crowder, an area dentist, has discovered that what was once thought to be an exaggerated statement is in fact true.

“Over my fifteen years of practice, multiple patients have said ‘You’re welcome for me paying for your kid’s college tuition’ anytime I would place a crown in their mouth. I’d always thought it was a just smart-aleck comment from patients who thought a $400 co-pay was too much to pay for a tooth-saving restoration. But after my most recent crown placement I put that statement to the test.”

So Dr. Crowder took that patient’s co-payment to the university where her child is a freshman, and was shocked at what she was told. “The registrar told me that the $400 would cover the remaining years of tuition.

From now on I will be sure to say to all of my crown patients, ‘Thank you for paying for my child’s college tuition.’ I may even use that money to pay cash for my next car.”


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