Dentist Delays Reopening to Watch Webinars About Reopening

St. George, UT-In an unprecedented move, Dr. Daniel Dexter has delayed reopening his practice so he can first learn how to reopen. Like most dentists who closed their offices during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Dexter has been inundated recently with webinars that claim to be essential viewing before reopening a practice. “I get 5-10 emails a day from various companies insisting I must watch their webinar before practicing again,” says the 22-year veteran dentist. “And they were right. This was the best way to spend 77 hours of my free time.”

Dr. Dexter admits that since he has been watching these practice-saving webinars, his blood pressure has skyrocketed and he’s on several new anti-anxiety medications, but he says it’s been worth it. “Before this period of enlightenment I didn’t know how scared I really should be about reopening. These webinars have created a fear in me that will make me a better dentist when I return.” 

So what would Dr. Dexter’s advice be to other dentists who are considering reopening their practices. “Watch these webinars first. All of them. Sure it may take until September, but how was I supposed to know that in order to reopen my practice I had to schedule patients, unlock the door, perform dentistry, and be safe?” 

A truly inspired message during an unparalleled time.