The Facebow Responds to The Atlantic

Atlantic City, NJThe Facebow, long the bastion of satirical and inaccurate dental news, has recently been challenged in the parody arena by The Atlantic with its article titled The Truth in Dentistry. “Basically, we’re just jealous that we at The Facebow couldn’t make up this much stuff,” said Dr. Franklin Jones, spokesperson for The Facebow. “And to get the general public to believe false information about dentists? That’s just next-level effort.” 

So did The Atlantic get anything correct? “Oh sure it did! The wonderful Orwellian picture it painted when describing a masked figure looming over recumbent bodies is actually a daily event for many dentists,” confirms Dr. Jones. “Heck, just last week Dr. Walker, a local dentist, wore a Darth Vader helmet and kept telling his patients he was their daddy or something.” 

But is there anything that needs to be corrected about The Atlantic article? “When it states that some dentists over-diagnose in order to pay down they exorbitant student loan debt, that’s just categorically false. We all know that dentists over-diagnose so they can make their boat payments and buy new khakis. The Facebow has the market cornered on limited fact checking and making stuff up about dentistry,” Dr. Jones forcefully states. “Tell The Atlantic to stay in its own lane.” 

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