Dentistry is the Best Job for Small-Talkers

Indianapolis, IN– In a recent survey, dentistry has been identified as the favored career path for people who enjoy small-talk, that polite social interaction that either stimulates or drains a person emotionally depending on intelligence level. The Facebow caught up with Dr. Bob Smith, general dentist and noted small-talker, to get his thoughts on the survey results. “I think it’s great! A dental office visit is commonly known for being something that people dread, but my patients know that I’m going to make their day less stressful. Nothing pleases people more than when I ask them how they feel about this weather we are having or how their work has been, because they know I don’t really care and I’m barely listening. No one wants anymore added pressure during a dental appointment.” 

But don’t these depersonalized and mind-numbing conversations get boring after a while? “Not at all. I ask all my patients the same things, but even on my days off I will ask my wife 8-10 times a day what she thinks about the weather outside. She’ll try to talk about our summer vacation plans or politics or our grandkids, but who wants to talk about that stuff? I don’t see any reason to get in-depth about anything. Those types of conversations are draining. I don’t want to have to think and talk.” 

Other jobs to make the small-talk top five are barber, convenient store clerk, bank teller, and clergyman.