Preparing for Convention Season

Chicago, IL– With convention season starting up soon and many of our readers preparing to attend comic cons and dental conventions, The Facebow wanted to help everyone know what to expect and what they’ll see. Both types of conventions are filled with guest speakers and vendors, and both attract geeks from around the world. So let’s see what else these conventions have in common and how they differ. 


Comic cons: People spend months replicating the extravagant costumes of their favorite TV and movie characters. 

Dental cons: It feels like an amazing achievement if the attendees take the time to iron their plaids and khakis. 


Comic cons: You will see people carrying laser swords and blasters while they pretend to save the galaxy. 

Dental cons: You will see people trying to sell you a laser and pretending it will actually save your practice. 

Guest Speakers

Comic cons: You will see celebrities from many of your favorite movies and TV shows talking about their experiences in the entertainment industry. 

Dental cons: You will see Wayne from Peoria, Illinois talking about his experience restoring tooth #3. 


Comic cons: There will be people dressed like jawas from Star Wars trying to sell you stuff you don’t need but desperately want.

Dental cons: There will be people who smell like jawas trying to convince you to buy equipment you don’t need and definitely don’t want. 

Living Arrangements

Comic cons: Many attendees are thrilled to still live in their parents’ basement due to lack of a job.

Dental cons: Many attendees are distraught that they still live in their parents’ basement due to their mountain of student loan debt. 

The Facebow hopes everyone has an enjoyable time no matter which type of convention you choose to attend. Check frequently for convention updates.