Woman Said She’d Rather Give Birth Than Have a Toothache

Provo, UT– “I’d still choose giving birth ten times over having a toothache”, says Kathy Mitchell, when asked by The Facebow if she regrets taking the challenge her dentist offered her fourteen years ago. “I went to see my dentist, Dr. Holt, for a toothache and I explained to him that it was the worst pain I’d ever felt,” continues Mrs. Mitchell. “I told him that I’d rather give birth to ten children than have another toothache.”

So how did Dr. Holt respond to this pregnancy proclamation? “He challenged me to have ten kids and then report back. And I was the winner. My ten little angels bring nothing but joy,” Mrs. Mitchell states through quivering lips and watering eyes. “That two days of pain with my toothache was much worse than the 4,381 sleepless nights since.” 

“When I accepted Dr. Holt’s dare, I didn’t think about the fact that I’d have to take all ten children home with me, but it’s been worth it. I haven’t had a toothache since,” says Kathy Mitchell proudly. “Having ten kids also has a way of making you lose all feeling in your body.”