New Study Reveals Dentists’ Greatest Fear

Boston, MA– A recent study conducted by the American Dental Coalition shows what really keeps dentists up at night. The usual suspects like staff issues, financial concerns, litigation, and patient care made their way into the top 5, but the real surprise was a dentist’s #1 fear: not being able to hear Richard Marx on their radio everyday. 

“Nothing brightens my day more than being able to hear Richard Marx on my radio seventeen times a day,” says Dr. Anthony Walker. “I don’t care if it’s Hold on to the Nights, Endless Summer Nights, or Children of the Night, it just brighten my day.” 

Marx grew to fame in the 1980s with several top 10 hits and has been a staple in dental offices ever since. “Hearing Richard Marx’s sultry tones is like vocal sedation for my patients,” explains Dr. Dani Snow. “And I’m not ashamed to admit that tears well up in my eyes when I hear Don’t Mean Nothing.” 

Some of the other top 10 greatest fears for dentists: being asked to donate to the local 4-H Club, not being able to wear their favorite scrubs to the office, and having a specialist ask them to go to lunch. 

“I can deal with many of the common dental office stresses,” says Dr. Walker with a longing look in his eye. “And it’s very reassuring to know that I can hear Richard everyday. I always know that he’ll be right here waiting for me.”