Dentist Discovers Key To Retiring Early

San Diego, CA– Over the last decade, Dr. Don Cox, a general dentist with 21 years of experience, has spent thousands of dollars on a myriad of dental courses claiming to have the key to tripling production, getting fifty new patients each month, reducing overhead by 50% and so on, but he never saw the results of their claims. What he did gain, however, was the knowledge to help dentists retire early. 

So what is Dr. Cox’s secret to retiring early? “Don’t pay for any of those courses,” says Cox. “Can you imagine how much money dentists would save by not wasting it on scams? And my course will teach all dentists the skills they need to go back to their offices on Monday and instantly resist the sales pitches.” 

Dr. Cox says his 4-day Know How To Say No Course will teach dentists self-control, willpower, and how to verbalize the word no. “No is the most difficult word for dentists to use, but I’ll teach you how to use it effectively. Now when you’re at a convention and a salesperson asks if you would like more information about their newest product, you won’t cave and say yes. When a specialist asks you to go to a lunch that will surely be awkward, you will know how to answer. When someone asks if holistic dentistry is a true dental specialty, you will have the correct response.” 

The Know How To Say No Course is $3995 and is guaranteed to propel every dentist’s career. A registration link can be found on its website.