Valentine’s Day Buyback

Boise, ID– With the Halloween candy buyback being a tried-and-true dental office promotion, one dentist thought it would be a good idea to try the same promotion after Valentine’s Day. “Since so many dentists do a buyback for Halloween candy, I thought I’d be original and do it on Valentine’s Day,” said Dr. Cynthia Rose. “But I’m not sure I thought it all the way through.” 

“I meant for it to just be a Valentine’s Day candy buyback, but I got much more than that. I’m not even sure what some of this stuff is,” says an unsettled Dr. Rose. “I bought back this latex bodysuit from one of my amazing patients. She said it was gently used, but the scratches it in say otherwise. I guess I can always wear it when I clean out my suction traps.” 

Dr. Rose considers her office’s Valentine’s Day buyback a success, but she will be a little more specific next year. “Next year, I know that we’ll clarify that we will only buy back candy. What am I supposed to do with a bunch of deflated balloons and dead flowers?”