National Dental Month is a Month to Celebrate

Chicago, IL– February is National Dental Health Month and during this special month many dentists like to participate in Give Kids A Smile Day by providing free dental care to children in need. But what many dental professionals don’t know is that there are other celebratory days during February. 

Small Talk Day – This is always held on a Saturday during February because most dentists say they miss small talk on the weekends. Now you can talk to your best friends and family members about the day’s weather and their plans for the summer. 

Hate Yourself Day – Why should only patients get to profess their hatred of their dentist? Dentists get to profess hate to themselves on this cherished day. 

Laser Day – On this extraordinary day, all dentists are encouraged to pull out their dusty laser that hasn’t been used in years and pretend they are a hero in a space opera. It didn’t revolutionize their practice like the sales rep promised, but a laser can still be a worthwhile escape from the everyday rigors of dental practice. 

Hug-A-Periodontist Day – This day is held every 3-4 months so if you miss it in February you’ll have more chances this year. Maybe you could even let a periodontist make that scan for you that they’ve been offering to do for years. 

Thank-A-PPO Day – Have you taken the time to appreciate what PPO insurances really do for a dentist? On this day you can thank an insurance rep for forcing you into the finer things of dental practice like how to operate your practice on a razor-thin budget and the benefits of using a dull 557 bur. 

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