Dental Community Helps an Anti-Fluorider

Portland, OR– Recently on the Fluoride is Poison Blog, Mary Haggard pleaded with her followers for advice on how to prevent the rampant tooth decay that had infiltrated her mouth. “I currently have black crescent-shaped cut-outs on my front teeth. My dentist said they’re fixable with crowns and root canals, but I’d love to know if anyone has any alternative treatment options and suggestions for preventing these in the future.”

Of course, the dental community was very kind, patient, and helpful when replying to Mrs. Haggard and we’ve posted some of the comments below. 

“This article makes me smile, and I’m able to because I’ve chosen to use fluoride.” -Simon

“As a dentist, I support anti-fluoriders. They’re great for business.” -Mindy

“Definitely don’t listen to your dentist when he recommends using fluoride. It’s clearly more detrimental to your health than having pervasive decay in your mouth.” -James

“I guess you could rinse with some coconut oil. That seemed to help Sarah on the Holistic Health Care Blog.” -Katarina

“The good news is there is probably a holistic dentist nearby that will put you in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, place six all-porcelain implants, and charge you $25,000 for it. Sure beats that $25 for fluoride every six months.” -José

“Dentures will be a great treatment option for you. You’ll love all that plastic in your mouth and not being able to chew anything.” -Kirk

“Hopefully you’ve been using the money you’ve saved on fluoride and used it for birth control.” -Andrew

“Have you ever thought about looking in the mirror and telling yourself you are one of the dumbest people on earth?” -Karen

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