Dentists Help Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Raleigh, NC– With a recent study linking periodontal disease to erectile dysfunction, there has been a push for dentists to help save relationships. For years we have known that dentistry is a perfect union of art, science, and psychology, but now dentists will be called on to help fix marriages also. 

“So a man’s poor oral hygiene makes it so things don’t function correctly?” asks Heidi Volkner, a local woman. “Well, if you smelled my husband’s rancid breath you’d know that it’s causing things to malfunction on my end also.”

So how are dentists going to help? “Our first duty is to encourage proper oral hygiene,” says Dr. Brett Strap.  “But if that doesn’t work we may have to start prescribing Viagra. Dentists go to weekend courses all the time to learn new treatments. I don’t see how this is any different.”

Dr. Strap also believes offering ED treatment will help his bottom line. “I think this will increase my limited exams, because after 4 hours these men are supposed to call their prescribing doctor. I’ll be ready.” And his patients will also be ready….when the time is right.