Nominees Announced for the Dental Awards Show

Hollywood, CA– Awards show season is heating up and it’s time to announce the nominees for dentistry’s most prestigious awards, the GeeVees. The Annual Dental Awards Show, everyone’s favorite plaid-and-khaki affair, will take place Thursday March 7 at the Anaheim Ramada and will be hosted by Dr. Stan Miller, president of the Anaheim Hills Dental Society.  Each winner will receive the coveted golden GV Black statuette. Here are the nominees for the GeeVees in the following categories:

Best Specialty That’s Not Really a Specialty: 


-Cosmetic Specialist

-Holistic Dentist


Prediction: This may be the first time there is not a winner in a category. 


Best Way to Look Like an M.D.:

-Wear scrubs

-Wear cell phone on belt

-Drive an expensive sports car

Prediction: Many people go through mid-life crises and even more like to show off their cell phones, but wearing scrubs is still the behavior most associated with actual doctors. 


Most Stressful Dental Procedure:

-Placing an implant

-Doing a root canal on a maxillary second molar

-Small talk during a periodic exam

Prediction: Implants and root canals are stressful, but have you ever talked with Mrs. Wilson about the upcoming snow storm and her gout? Easy call here. 


Favorite Activity For a Patient to Engage in Before Treatment: 


-Not brushing for six weeks

-Telling you that they hate you

-Taking Valium

Prediction: Three of these nominees put dentists in really bad moods, but a relaxed patient can be a dentist’s best friend most days. Should be an easy prediction, but some dentists like a challenge. 


Best Fake Dental Award:

-Top Dentist

-Who’s Who in Dentistry?

-ADA Seal of Acceptance

Prediction: The ADA Seal is the best known and longest-awarded in dentistry, but the relative newcomers have shown promise by flooding the dental community with awards. 

Be sure to tune in early for the highly anticipated red carpet event prior to the Dental Awards Show. Follow The Facebow on Twitter @facebow1 for more nominee announcements.