Who’s Who In Who’s Who In Dentistry?

Washington, DCWho’s Who in Dentistry, the ultimate everyone-gets-a-trophy institution, has awarded itself its own award. Spokesperson Cindy Louis said of the honor, “For years, Who’s Who in Dentistry has been honoring every dentist in America as the best in their community and several have even believed it. We love to tell folks that our awards are voted on by their peers, and we thought it was time that we peer-reviewed ourselves.” 

“Not everyone can win a Nobel Prize or Pulitzer Prize, but everyone can receive a Who’s Who in Dentistry Award. Heck, even some non-dentists have received our award,” said Miss Louis. “Can you imagine giving yourself an award from an institution that gave itself an award? That’s truly special. And the beautiful plaque you will receive for $79.95 looks great in your office next to your family picture.” 

Who’s Who in Dentistry will honor itself later this month in a very public ceremony. Contact The Facebow at thefacebow@gmail.com for more information.