Acupuncture is a Possible Cure For Fear of Dental Injections

Seattle, WA– Most people say that getting a shot is what they fear the most about a dental appointment, but a recent study may have a solution to that decades-old problem. The Acupuncture Association of America is excited to announce that this alternative medicine technique, in which thin needles are inserted into a person’s skin, could help patients overcome their fear of the dentist. “We figured it makes sense that if someone is afraid of needles that a logical solution would be to puncture their body with about fifty of them,” says Thatcher Jones, spokesperson for the AAA. “If they can handle that many needles in their skin, they should be able to brave one in their mouth.”

The Facebow asked Mr. Jones what he would say to critics of acupuncture who refer to the fact that past systematic reviews of it are inconsistent, suggesting that acupuncture isn’t effective?  “One gentleman who participated in the study was begging us to stop so he could just go to the dentist,” beamed Jones.  “I’d say that’s a success.” 

In a related study, the Barn Owl Society is looking for volunteers for a trial to help dental patients who hate the sound of a high-speed handpiece. Volunteers will be locked in a dark room for one hour with seven screeching barn owls to help them overcome their fear caused by the sound of the dental drill. 

 “Facing fears is how a person grows,” says Thatcher Jones. “We and the barn owlers are here to help.”