Bird Box Challenge Reaches Dentistry

Stockton, CA- With the recent popularity of the Netflix movie Bird Box, many people have been trying the Bird Box challenge by wearing blindfolds while attempting everyday activities. A local dentist has also accepted the challenge. “I need to be prepared in case something like this really happens,” said Chase Channing, a general dentist. “Dentistry will still be necessary even during the apocalypse.” 

In Bird Box, anyone who opens their eyes or looks outside becomes suicidal so many of the characters can only go out with blindfolds on. This got Dr. Channing thinking. “ I figured that dentists are suicidal anyway and the Bird Box apocalypse will only make that worse. That will create a big boost to my practice, and I’m going to be ready.” 

But what about the extreme risk to his current patients? “Sure there is some risk involved, but that’s what consent forms are for, right?” Dr. Channing confidently states. “Take my last patient, Mrs. Tate, for example. She will look mostly normal again after four or five rounds of plastic surgery, and we all know that tongue lacerations heal quickly. But what I have learned from her treatment and the treatment of other patients is going to be very beneficial one day. I think Mrs. Tate would agree.” 

Due to her inability to currently speak, Mrs. Tate could not give comment to The Facebow. Check back daily for updates to this story.