Extension For Prevention, the GV Black Biopic

Hollywood, CA– With the recent announcement of Extension For Prevention, a GV Black biopic feature-length film, speculation has run rampant over who will be picked to portray the father of operative dentistry. Writer and director Miles Toolman isn’t revealing anything yet. “Obviously, Dr. Black was a very handsome and athletic man with a mind like a steel trap, so whoever is picked to play him will have his work cut out.” 

It’s expected that the movie will follow GV Black’s time serving in the Civil War, his research on proper cavity preparations, and even his study of the Colorado Brown Stain. 

The Facebow asked Mr. Toolman why now is the right time for a GV Black movie. “With the success in recent years of biographical movies like Vice, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Nacho Libre, it feels like it’s time to make this film,” said Toolman. “And the public has been clamoring for it.”

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Extension For Prevention is scheduled for release next February.