New Dentist Association Announces Its 2019 Convention Schedule

New York, NY– The New Dentist Association has announced some of the course schedule for its 2019 convention, and it promises to give new dentists the boost they need to start their careers. Long seen as the pinnacle program for dentists transitioning from dental school to real-life dentistry, the NDA Convention will not disappoint this year. Some highlight courses include the following: 

Small Talk: The Not-So-Silent Killer

This course will help the new dentist learn to feign interest in a variety of topics like the current weather, grandkids, and home remodels. Years of small talk have been known to slowly kill dentists. It is paramount that new dentists learn coping skills early in their careers. 

“I Hate The Dentist”: Fake Laughing and How To Do It Properly Day After Day

Dental patients are notorious for repeatedly using the same bad jokes day after day. So how do new dentists learn to fake laughter at jokes that definitely aren’t funny and are borderline offensive? This course will teach you how to laugh when you really want to cry. 

Surviving the Specialist Lunch

How does the new dentist get through an hour-long lunch date when they don’t want to be there and the other person won’t stop talking? No, it’s not a bad Tinder meet up. It’s lunch with a specialist. This course will teach new dentists how to survive lunch when the only thing they have in common with the other person is their career choice. 

Register now for the 2019 NDA Convention to attend these courses and many, many more. Seats are filling fast and new dentists do not want to miss out on this crucial information!