New Dental School Recruiting Campaign Announced

Omaha, NE– The Dental Schools Association of America announced an aggressive new advertising campaign aimed at getting more high school and college students to consider dentistry as a career. Citing the fact that there are many underserved rural areas in America, the “Anyone Can Be A Dentist” campaign will feature several videos aimed at getting more students to apply to dental school. “For too many years dentistry has gained a reputation for being a stressful and isolating career burdened by extreme student debt,” said Leonard Petty, spokesperson for the DSAA. “All dentists know this isn’t true, but we want future generations to know it also, before it’s too late.” 

The new videos, which will begin airing nationwide in February, show a variety of dentists and dental students talking about the daily rewards dentistry has provided. In one of the first videos to be released, Jaden, a 33-year-old dentist who resembles Clint Eastwood circa 2016, says,”I always heard how stressful dentistry was, but I just don’t see it. I’ve been practicing for five years and I still feel great and I think my face shows it.” 

“Sure, dental school applications are at an all-time high, but we think this campaign can get them higher,” says Mr. Petty. “Dental school tuition is also at an all-time high, but that means post-graduation income is on the rise, right?”

When asked what benefits will be offered to new dental school grads to get them to practice in underserved rural areas, Mr Petty said, “Have you ever been to small town Arkansas in the winter? That’s all the reward they will need.”