Are Braces Really Necessary?

New Haven, CT– Following the report this weekend by the German government that there is no proof that orthodontic braces have any long-term oral health benefits, American insurance companies state that they may no longer provide coverage for orthodontics. “For decades, dentists and orthodontists have claimed that straight teeth were easier to keep clean, which reduced cavities. They also claimed that proper tooth alignment helped reduce TMJ problems and tooth abrasion,” said Jan Coburn, spokesperson for the Insurance Trust of America. “We now know that these claims are patently false.”

“Insurance companies have long been the bastions of oral health care in America. You’ve seen our commercials on TV. It’s obvious that if you have our insurance you can go on a care-free picnic with your family. If not, who knows? We clearly care about our clients,” said Ms. Coburn. “But these greedy dentists are taking advantage of us and the American public.” 

When asked by The Facebow if removing orthodontic coverage would also reduce insurance premiums, Ms. Coburn was aghast. “Insurance premiums have been going down for years and I’m just not sure how much lower we can go.” 

What about the many studies by the American Dental Association and independent groups that clearly show the positive effects of braces? “Those are very biased studies,” answered the insurance spokesperson. “And just look at the list of most trusted professions that the Insurance Trust released recently. Does dentist even make the top 5? No, but insurance adjusters, agents, and underwriters sure did.”