Dental Dating Show Sneak Peek

Los Angeles, CA– With the success of The Bachelor dating show franchise, many leaders in dentistry thought it was time for dentists to get in on the fun. The Facebow was given exclusive on-set access of the filming of the pilot episode of the Dental Dating Show and it didn’t disappoint. Rather than taking place in an exotic locale with fit and swimsuit-clad twenty-somethings, the Dental Dating Show is fittingly set in conference room B of the Hermosa Beach Hilton with khaki- and pantsuit-clad oral health experts. As the haggard men and women aimlessly milled about, it was clear that love was in the air. “Can I feel love in the room? Of course I can,” exclaimed Dan, a self-proclaimed implantologist from St. Louis. “There is a table of free food. What dentist doesn’t love that?!” It’s truly a wonder this eligible bachelor is still on the market. 

Lisa, a disheveled-looking periodontist from Dallas, discussed her first impressions of the other cast members: “I think there are some amazing people here that I feel like I’ve known for years. In the thirty minutes of small talk, I’ve already learned that all of their practices are really chugging along and their lives are amazing.” 

Mark, a general dentist from Denver, explained his goals for the Dental Dating Show: “I want to find my second love. Clearly, my first love is dentistry, and I can’t imagine anything better than finding someone who understands my passion. Being able to discuss the intricacies of a two-surface composite? Now that’s true love.” 

On any dating reality show,  there is always a villain and the DDS is no different. Rex, an oral surgeon from Portland, wears a smirk as well as he wears a pair of scrubs. As he clung to his Diet Coke, he plotted his various courses for this inaugural season. “I came here to find love, but I don’t mind breaking a few hearts along the way.”

The Dental Dating Show premiers later this month. Check your local listings for dates and times.