G.V. Black’s Text, Manual of Operative Dentistry, Canonized as Official Dental Scripture of the ADA

Chicago, IL-The American Dental Association, in an effort to guide the near religious fervor with which dentists across the nation approach the practice of dentistry, has named “Manual of Operative Dentistry” by G.V. Black, as the official scripture of the ADA.

“Manual of Operative Dentistry” was G.V. Black’s seminal work of literature which attempted to formalize and codify the practice of dentistry. The ADA has reorganized the tome into chapter and verse, more in keeping with the reverent feeling that dentists the world over feel for the writings of the first prophet of dentistry. The new dental scripture is available immediately in leather bound copies printed on scrita paper.

Miss Polly Vinyl of the ADA’s publishing division told the Facebow, “It is our hope that each dental practice in the country will have a copy of this sacred text in their staff break room and that they will open every morning huddle with a reading of a scripture from Dr. Black.”