Dentistry Lands At Top of Most Disgusting Jobs

Washington, DC– Dentists are known for being at the top of professional rankings such as most trusted profession and best job in the nation, but dentistry recently landed at the top of another list: Professional Daily Digest’s most disgusting job in America. Dentist took over the top spot from proctologist, which had been #1 since the ranking began in 2003. The Facebow was able to catch up with Dr. Norman Grummet, President of the National Proctology Association, to ask him about falling from the top. “It’s never fun being #2,” said Dr. Grummet, “but it makes sense. Many people don’t brush and floss, but most people wipe. And have you ever seen beef jerky caught between teeth? Now that’s disgusting.”

When asked how proctologists can regain the top spot next year, Dr. Grummet responded, “I’m not sure it can be done. Dentistry is just a really disgusting profession. At least what I see is already digested, and most of my patients are asleep. My dental colleagues have told me that sometimes their patients will make eye contact with them during treatment. That would make me sick.” 

Rounding out the top five most disgusting jobs are slaughterhouse worker, embalmer, and insurance agent.