First Of Its Kind Dental Museum Opens

Orlando, FL– Dr. Doug Crossman of Orlando is proud to have recently opened the Wax Teeth Museum, the first gallery of its kind. Like most dentists, Dr. Crossman always wondered why he spent what seemed like years learning to wax up and carve teeth out of wax in dental school when other courses seemed to make more sense. “When I would spend a painstaking amount of time creating the perfect marginal ridge of a molar or carving the lingual fossa of a maxillary incisor, I kept wondering if a business course or leadership seminar made more sense for a dentist,” Dr. Crossman tells The Facebow. “Now I realize the folly in my thinking and how important that wax work really was.”

At the Wax Teeth Museum, patrons can see the teeth of Hollywood legends like Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and Milton Berle, as well as those of dental legends like GV Black, Herbert Shillingburg, and Howard Farran. For Dr. Crossman his museum is a labor of love. “I never thought that I’d get to use my wax skills, but now my wax carving is paying off,” said Dr. Crossman. “When I was struggling with private practice I kept thinking back to dental school and once again wishing I’d had more business courses, but clearly the dental school curriculum creators knew what they were doing. A smile is the first thing you notice on a person, so why wouldn’t you want to see that carved in wax?” 

So what is the most rewarding part of owning the first and only museum of wax teeth? “At first I loved seeing the confused looks on people’s faces when they left. I just knew they were wondering why it took them so long to finally check out my museum. But the other day I heard a teenager tell his parents that this places bites. Is there a better compliment for a dental museum?”