Dental Candles Are Perfect For the Holidays

Manchester, NH– As you walk into Dental Candles, what is it that you smell? Regret? No. Freshly printed money? Not quite. The many scents of a dental office? Absolutely. Just in time for the holidays, Dental Candles has opened their first location, and store founder and manager Angie Shilling couldn’t be more excited. “As a former dental assistant I really missed working in a dental office, but what I really missed were the smells,” said Shilling. “I’ve had countless dental professionals tell me they wish they could take those scents home with them. I started Dental Candles so they can.” 

So what scents are available at Dental Candles? “Right now we have over thirty different candle scents including Formocresol, Dry Socket, CaviCide, Bonding Agent, Burning Tooth, Necrotic Pulp, and Brüt Cologne. For our holistic dentists we offer Coconut Oil scent,” beams Shilling. “Currently, our most popular candle is Perio Breath. And we have a variety of shapes and sizes. With these candles burning in your home, it’s like you never left the office. They are great gifts for your dental team members, for the retired dentist who misses dentistry, and for anyone who wants to de-stress.” 

This holiday season, grab a mug of hot chocolate, snuggle up with your favorite blanket, and cherish the sweet aroma of your dental office with a Dental Candle.