ADA Study Reveals Top Reason General Dentists Choose the Specialist They Refer To

Chicago, IL-In a recent survey published in the ADA News, it was revealed what criteria dentists use when referring to dental specialists. The survey was sponsored by a generous grant from Applebee’s.

According to the author of the survey, Dr. Richard Greenstick DMD, he expected to see certain items lead the list such as—“Quickly getting the patient in”, “Quality of care” and “Communication with the referring office”. While these items did make the list Dr. Greenstick was shocked by the top reason for referral, revealed by the survey results. “Turns out the majority of general dentists are choosing where to refer based on food”, says Dr. Greenstick.

The top reason general dentists cited for choosing a certain specialist was if they got taken to lunch. A close second was the treats the specialist dropped off at the office. In a follow up questionnaire to the survey respondents one dentist said, “I actually can do a molar root canal. But we keep referring those out because the ladies really like Krispy Kreme donuts and I’m a sucker for steak fajitas.” Another respondent said, “If a specialist takes me to Subway for a sandwich that’s worth like maybe 2 or 3 referrals a year. Take me to Ruth’s Chris every quarter and I’m never doing another extraction.”