Coconut Farmers Launch Ad Campaign For Oral Health

Miami, FL- The Coconut Farmers of America have launched a new advertising campaign aimed at returning coconut oil to the forefront of America’s oral health and hygiene regimen. In 2015, oil pulling became the latest craze in oral healthcare with claims that it would whiten teeth, cure gingivitis, arrest decay, and even detox blood. And Bob Cullens, president of the CFA, wants coconut oil back in Americans’ mouths. “Nothing has the same positive effects on oral health, and in turn overall health, that coconut oil has,” says Cullens. “It’s nature’s fluoride. It’s better than fluoride. No one wants that manufactured poison in their drinking water and toothpaste. Coconut oil is all-natural. You can pull it, you can push it—it works either way. And it only takes 15-20 minutes a day. A person can do it while they update their all-natural remedies blog.” 

But what about the fact that no scientific studies have proved that coconut oil cures tooth decay, whitens teeth, or removes toxins from a person’s blood? “I don’t need science to confirm what I already know,” counters President Cullens.  “Vaccines haven’t been proven to work either, but people still get those. I’d direct the skeptics to the our website. It has many before and after pictures showing the magic of coconut oil.” 

The new ad campaign will include nationwide television commercials, magazine ads, and billboards.