ADA Announces New Mascot

Chicago, IL– In a surprise announcement, the American Dental Association revealed today that a seal will be the organization’s first ever mascot. “The ADA’s Seal of Acceptance is recognized nationwide as being synonymous with the highest-quality dental products and services,” said Dean Witmer, vice-president of the ADA’s public relations department, from the steps of ADA headquarters. “And a seal is recognized worldwide as being a high-quality animal. We feel like this is a perfect match. The public associates Merrell Lynch Wealth Management with a brawny bull, MGM Studios with a fierce lion, and Ford Mustangs with a strapping horse. From now on, when the public thinks of the ADA, its member dentists, and its accepted products, we want them to think of a seal.” 

Also citing America’s love of mascots for their sports teams, the ADA thinks its new mascot will appeal to the general public and build a stronger fan base. “We already knew that the nation’s dentists loved the ADA, but we think they’re just the cusp,” said Witmer with a wry smile. Other possible mascot options are rumored to have included a lion, armadillo, and brontosaurus. “There were many options that the board of governors considered, but we feel like a seal reflects the ADA and dental profession well. Just like when we see a group of dentists at a CE course or waiting in line for a free meal, a group of seals laying on the beach conveys a sense of ambition and lifelong learning.”