Dictionaries Officially Change Spelling and Pronunciation of Gums.

Boston, MA- In a major announcement that will surely rock the English language and more specifically the dental community, the Dictionaries Association of America has jointly announced that the pronunciation and spelling of gums when referring to oral gingiva has been changed. Oral gums has officially been changed to gooms and will incorporate the long-U sound that dental patients have been using for decades. Dental patients around the country celebrated. Bonnie Kratts, a dental patient, said, ”It’s about time! For years I’ve been pronouncing it correctly, but my dentist never did. Gum is for chewing. Gooms are the things in your mouth that bleed when you floss.” At press time, there was no word on how soon dental schools across the country would incorporate this paradigm shift into their curriculum, but one practicing dentist has mixed thoughts. “I’m nervous about how this will affect my practice and dentistry in general,” said Mark Black, a local dentist. “It reminds me of when masks and gloves were first recommended. I guess we made it through that. We can survive this change too.” The American Dental Association was not available for comment.