Local Dental Society Opens Clothing Store To Suit Its Members

Alpine, UT- Citing a lack of acceptable clothing stores that are fashionable enough for dentists, the Wasatch Dental Society has announced that it will soon open Dental Dress, a clothing store dedicated solely to dentists. In a statement, society President Dean Miles said, “As a dental society we’ve noticed a severe dearth of stylish dental clothing and wanted to remedy that. Dentists provide their best treatment when they feel confident in how they look. Dentists historically have been at the forefront of fashion and Dental Dress will help us maintain this reputation.” Dental Dress will offer a myriad of clothing options including pleated khaki pants, plaid shirts, polos,  sensible shoes, lab coats, and other styles that will appeal to dentists of all specialties. The ladies section will feature an assortment of floral blouses and pant suits. And for those dentists who prefer to look like they are surgeons even though they aren’t, scrubs in a variety of colors and styles will be available. 

Office attire is not all that will be sold at Dental Dress. For dentists who know how to relax and have fun, Dental Dress will have also have a casual line of clothes which will offer cargo shorts, bedazzled jeans, more polos and plaid shirts, graphic Ts, yoga pants, and socks that pair nicely with sandals. Dental Dress will open in the spring of next year. 


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